But, if you want your relationship to continue and improve, you might need to make the first move


But, if you want your relationship to continue and improve, you might need to make the first move

Acts of service

Sometimes, getting her to fall back in love with you is as simple as learning the best way to show her love. It takes unselfish action on your part to show her love when she might not be returning it to you at the moment.

Date Her Again

It's easy as the newness of the relationship wears off to stop giving it the attention that you did in the beginning. If you want to rekindle the feelings that you and your wife used to have, it could be as simple as giving your relationship more attention.

Remember, just because you check this site are married doesn't mean you have to stop dating her. Treat her the way you did when you were still trying to win her over. Don't take her for granted. Think back to the things that you did to get her attention and get her interested in you from the start. Then start to recreate those things. Take her back to the place you went on your first date. Buy her flowers. Let her know that you're thinking about her.

Be Consistent

Remember that if you want to improve your relationship, it's not going to be as simple as doing something once or twice. You need to be consistent in your activities, even if your spouse doesn't reciprocate at first. This is especially true if you've been neglecting to treat your wife this way in the past. She might have a hard time believing that your actions are real at first. But, if you stick with it and show that you are changing your behavior and not just trying to get something out of it, she will start to see that you are for real.

Stop Trying To Change Her

A large part of unconditional love is loving someone for who they are. If you've been pushing her to change in certain ways in the past, nagging her, or criticizing things about her, stop. Start accepting her for who she is and showing her that you love her for the person she is and nothing else.

Don't Give Up

Even if your wife has lost her feelings of love for you, it doesn't mean that all hope is lost. Relationships go through difficult times and many people don't realize that there are multiple stages of love. So, they think that when their relationship loses those feelings that it had in the beginning that it means they aren't really in love. In reality, it's that the relationship has moved to another stage.

Talk to an Expert

If you are struggling in your relationship or if your wife isn't in love with you anymore, the two of you will need to make a decision. As long as both of you are willing to work on your relationship, couples' therapy could help you make the progress you need. An experienced therapist can help both of you identify areas that you need to improve and learn strategies to improve your relationship, like communication skills. Research shows that online therapy can be an effective tool to strengthen relationships.

Therapy is only going to work, though, if you are willing to invest the time and effort into it. Simply attending therapy sessions and listening during the session will not be enough to improve your relationship. You are going to need to take the steps that the therapist recommends and look for ways to make changes.

Being open and honest is always the most important step in improving a relationship. And, you'll need to make sure you find a therapist that both you and your spouse will be comfortable as well. If your spouse is unwilling to work on the relationship, meeting with a therapist or doing online therapy can still help you as you process how to move forward.